Change of Heart- Let Nancy Slotnick help change your romantic fortunes

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By Matt Robinson

To paraphrase the Good Book, when it comes to love, them’s that got shall get…dinner reservations and flowers and candy and silly email cards and mid-day texts and…. As for them that’s not? Well…

Unsatisfied singles of the world- This is your year to REALLY make a difference and join the “haves” instead of being stuck at home for another lonely Lovers’ Day.

All you need is one good friend to show you the way.

May we suggest Newton-raised and Harvard-trained lov-entrepreneur Nancy Slotnick?

Slotnick has been dealing with relationships for most of her life. After graduating from Harvard with a degree in psychological anthropology in the 1990s, Slotnick created Drip Café, a popular dating service in which singles perused each other’s profiles in books and then had Slotnick’s service set them up with the people they picked. The program was so successful that it quickly spread from New York to bars and restaurants across the country.

“We made hundreds of marriages,” recalls the youthful yenta (in a good way!), noting that it was all “before online dating really existed.”

As Slotnick herself was single at the time, she not only got to meet a lot of eligible men but also to observe singles in their natural element. “It was great fun,” she recalls. “When I finally met my match [in 2001], I had learned a lot from observing our customers at Drip.”

Realizing the potential of the Internet, Slotnick then rolled out Cablight (, which is also Slotnick’s website), a web-based program that allowed singles to show when they were truly available (much like a cab does with its rooftop lamp). This program proved so popular that it spawned not only a successful book and set of DVDs but also a syndicated radio show and got Slotnick spots on shows like Oprah and Today.

Ever ahead of the Cupid curve, Slotnick has already begun to respond to the web-based backlash. “Everybody wants to use Facebook for dating,” she observes, “but there hasn’t proven to be a convenient and socially acceptable way to do that.”
In conversations with her hundreds of clients, Slotnick realized that, despite all the online options available to them, most people still meet their mates through real-world friends. As many of those actual friends are often busy with other issues, however, many are left looking through the Internet for love.

Having had such success with both on- and off-line options, Slotnick decided to put her years of experience to work to bring these two worlds together. “I have always been interested in trying to fuse a hybrid between the real world meeting and the online technology that can make that meeting happen more efficiently,” she explains.

The latest result of Slotnick’s ceaseless quest to bring others the romantic success she has enjoyed is Matchmaker Café (

“Matchmaker Cafe launched this past summer,” she says, explaining that it was created specifically for the “network of singles that are looking for love.”

As a dating and life coach, Slotnick noticed that many of her clients were eligible and even available but did not have the wherewithal to do what they needed in order to get what they wanted. “I saw firsthand the way that singles need a push in the right direction and a lot of hand holding in the dating process,” Slotnick recalls, “even when they have lots of choices at their fingertips.”

Noting how social sites like Facebook had become “so pervasive” and how many of them feature open platforms that allow users to access the information of friends of friends, Slotnick says that it is now “easier than ever” to meet. Even so, she notes, fewer couples are able to make it to marriage and beyond. She needed to find a way therefore, to not only pair people up but to prepare them for progressive relationships. “Matchmaker Cafe serves as the facilitator for these meetings.” The way it works is by combining the open platform of the Internet with the more intimate elements of old-fashioned dating to bring people together in a way that encourages them to stay together.

“I’m a natural connector,” Slotnick suggests, “and I felt like I wanted a way to make introductions using the efficiency of technology coupled with all of the advantages of a real-life social network.”

Despite the success she has helped so many other people have in dating and marriage, Slotnick describes herself as “shy” and says that, basically, all of her work was done to help herself. “All of my strategies were developed by my attempts at figuring out how to attract men and specifically how to attract the right ones,” she explains.  “I went through plenty of time and heartache so I tell clients that I can save them on time and heartache.” Unlike many other matchmakers, Slotnick is enjoying the success she wants to share with others. “I don’t just talk the talk,” she says, noting how many of her colleagues are mysteriously single. “If the biggest problem in dating were truly access to the right singles,” she suggests, “then the matchmakers would surely be the first ones to find love.”

While Matchmaker Café helps people find their own loves, Slotnick is always more than willing to hold (or high-five) a searching single’s hand. In addition to the new Café, Slotnick also offers private coaching through her Most Eligible Program. “It is for people I feel are eligible and have potential for success in dating,” she explains, noting that most of her MEP clients are people who are “successful in every other area of life, but just need help to focus on their love life.” Though many MEP and Matchmaker mavens are Manhattanites, Slotnick has already seen expansion of her new program. “I do coaching by phone and Skype,” the Boston-born beauty says, giving further evidence of her openness to new technologies, “so I do have clients in other cities as well.” Similarly, while she knows the Jewish community best, Slotnick does not discriminate when it comes to matters of the heart. “I am Jewish and I guess I know a lot of people in the Jewish community,” she reasons, “but I work with people in all different religions.”

With nearly 20 years and hundreds of happy hearts behind her, Slotnick continues to look forward. “I am planning some VIP services for the members of Matchmaker Café,” she says, mentioning a new set of intimate, invitation-only events, including home-based dinner parties. “In this way, I can zero-in on introducing more specific demographics and have dinners geared just to a Jewish or…an older demographic.”

By combining real-world experience with virtual savvy, Slotnick is prepared to help other people prepare for whatever the world of romance has to offer and to find the one offering for which their heart yearns.

“I had to learn a lot of what I know about dating by trial and error,” Slotnick recalls, “and I feel like it shouldn’t have to be so hard….I really want to help people in that situation because, for most people, finding love is their #1 priority, yet they are so scared to reach out.  Matchmaker Cafe aims to make it one step easier.”




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