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Chef:  Richard Chudy
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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many of you may be trying to figure out which restaurant to take your sweetie to. Little do you realize that the most romantic little spot might be in your own apartment!

With the help of locally-grown chef Richard Chudy, you and your “S.O” can turn your own kitchen into a font of luv.

Specializing in native New England ingredients (and in where to find the best burgers in Boston, thanks to his blog, (, Chef Chudy acts as personal chef, in-home caterer, and even personal food shopper and pantry organizer for some of Boston’s fittest (and feistiest) foodies. And while his menu is full, he always has room to drop by for a private (or semi-private) lesson. From boiling water to bouillabaisse to braised lamb, Chef Chudy can show you how to “make it” in the kitchen.

[Ed note: It so works, Dude!]

 EXHALE: How did you get into cooking?

Richard Chudy: Really out of necessity senior year of college, I became tired of Ramen noodles and cafeteria food and just decided I was going to learn how to cook. I started watching the Food Network non-stop and reading as many cookbooks as I could and just became obsessed. Graduated with a BS degree in Management, had some awful office jobs, while my interest in cooking was peaking. Catered a couple of small dinner parties for some friends and heard about the culinary school in Cambridge. It was just the right time for me and I wasn’t doing anything else so I followed my passion and went to school for one year. I Loved every minute of it and knew I wanted to do catering/personal chef work on my own and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. 

 EXHALE: Where was your first professional kitchen experience?

RC: The first time I stepped into Culinary School at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts was my first time in a Professional Kitchen and I haven’t looked back since. While most of my time is spent cooking in peoples’ homes, a kitchen is a kitchen, professional or not, it’s all how you use it.

 EXHALE: What is your favorite dish to prepare?

RC: I’m all about using fresh and seasonal ingredients, anything that inspires me as I walk around the markets is what ends up for dinner that night. But with such a huge cookbook collection (over 200) I often try to cook something new and different every time.

 EXHALE: What is the best part of your job?

RC: Being creative, and helping busy families with their meals is very rewarding. Every client and every job is unique and different, and it’s great feeling like I’m a part of their family. The connection and relationships I have with my clients makes it not feel like work at all. 

 EXHALE: Who is your favorite chef in Boston?

RC: I wouldn’t say I have favorite chefs per se, I have hundreds of cookbooks and get inspiration from all of them, but in terms of celebrity chef worship, that’s not me. Having said that, I’m lucky to live in such an amazing food city with so many talented chefs

 EXHALE: What do you usually make for yourself at home?

RC: At home, we eat very light and healthy most nights, but anything ethnic and quick is great after being in the kitchen all day. 

 EXHALE: If you could dine with any three people, who would they be?

RC: My fiance, Julia Child and Thomas Keller.


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