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I used to strive for perfection.

It started when I was in 3rd grade; I can clearly remember having difficulties with a math lesson and getting so frustrated with myself, Why couldn’t I figure out the solution, why was it so hard? Rather than realizing that no one is perfect I pushed myself through the lesson and then all throughout elementary school, junior high and then high school. High School was the worst because not only did I want to get an A in every class but I felt like I needed to. With college applications coming up I knew that if I wanted to get into my top schools I had to work for it. So I did.

I pulled a lot of all-nighters, hiding in my bedroom with a flash light so my parents wouldn’t know I was awake cramming in a few more chapters before my test the next day. I never gave myself a break, always feeling like an A was just out of my grasp and all I had to do was try a little harder. But I didn’t just “try a little harder”, I gave it my all. In fact, if I’m being honest, I was obsessed with being perfect – having great grades, participating in school groups, being an athlete, being a great friend, being a great daughter, being everything I thought I needed to be rather than just being me.

For years I thought that I needed to be perfect – to get into the right school, to keep my parents happy, to make my boyfriend proud, even to keep myself happy. The constant stress and anxiety that came with my life was too much to bear though and I eventually gave up trying to be perfect all of the time. Classes, friends, activities and my family were still important but I was tired of striving for perfection all the time so I decided to let go and loosen up.

Once I shook off the shackles of perfection I felt lighter.

I learned how to laugh at myself, how to let go of getting a bad grade, how to understand what was truly important to me and how to be the person I wanted to be, not the person I thought I should be. The change didn’t occur over night but took time. Giving up the need to be perfect 24/7 is a hard habit to break but once you realize that you’re not getting as much as you’re putting in the transition is easier.

Along with my new found freedom I discovered hobbies and passions that always seemed unachievable since I wasn’t an expert. Painting, jewelry making, sewing and even running all seemed out of my reach since I always believed everything had to be perfect but once I realized that I can still have fun regardless of the end product I didn’t care if my painting was amazing, or my sewing project flawless. Instead of perfection, I aimed to have fun and be creative.

Over time I realized that I don’t need to be perfect to be an amazing, beautiful, valuable, intelligent, successful and happy human being. Instead of being perfect I’ve decided to just be me flaws and all.


Erin Madore is a free-spirit health nut aiming to empower people of all ages through mindfulness, healthy habits and embracing all of life. With a degree in Communication Studies from Bryant University and a love for yoga, running and holistic health you can follow her many adventures on her blog www.CreativeSoulinMotion.com.

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