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Erin Madore

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Throughout high school my mom was always trying to get me to take a day off from school and play hooky with her. She wanted to take me shopping or go into Boston to explore while everyone was in classes or work. But I never said yes; I was always too focused on getting an A in every class and honestly I worried I was going to miss out on something with my friends. The sad I part is that now I realize I did miss out. I missed out on a great opportunity to spend time with my mom, to connect and have fun and do something out of the ordinary.

Looking back I wish I could say yes and cut classes to hang out with my mom. I wish I could go back and tell myself that no one cares about perfect attendance, that it’s okay to get a B on a test or a paper, that my friends aren’t the most important thing in the world. And most of all, that taking a day off for mental health is just as important as staying home when my body is sick.

A lot of people have the mindset that skipping work or school one day to have done fun will mar their record forever and they’ll never be able to catch up on projects and emails. So they never take that drive up the coast our go to a movie in the middle of the day. And yea, its not great to skip out on your life everyday but once in awhile isn’t just okay, it’s good for you.

Studies have shown that people who take days mental-health days are actually more productive and focused than those who never use their time off. Yet, according to a recent survey from Right Management, a workforce consulting firm, 70% of employees said they didn’t use all of their earned vacation days in 2011.

Essentially giving yourself a day to do whatever you want is a great way to recharge your batteries and clear your mind.

What was that? Oh, but what about the kids? And your projects? Boss? Co-workers? Emails? And the million loads of laundry calling your name?

I hear your excuses loud and clear; honestly they’re my thoughts as well but they’re not really valid are they? Seriously, if you take one day off from life will everything come crashing down? Will the world end and all of civilization cease to exist? Nope? I didn’t think so.

Oh, but you take vacations you say? My response: do you really relax during these vacations? Or are you usually running around like a crazy person trying to keep up with your kids and make sure everyone has a good time? Not many people actually take vacations where they stretch out on the sandy shores of some tropical beach just enjoying life. Honestly, aren’t most vacations area just as much work and just as exhausting as going into the office? Yea, I thought so.

I’m here to say, it’s time to take back your mental-health, your emotional balance, your clarity and your happiness by simply taking a day off. Just a day here or there won’t hurt anyone BUT it will help you immensely. In fact, I bet you’ll actually feel more productive, focused and healthier afterwards.

So take back your time and enjoy life. Today. Right now. Go and relax, you can thank me later. 

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