Tamara Lord is a real designing woman

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by Matthew Robinson

Growing up in tony Marblehead, Tamara Lord was surrounded by fashionable people all her life. These days, she is setting trends for her old neighbors and for people all over the world. As the founder of Tamara Handbags (www.tamarahandbags.com), Lord has designed bags that have adorned the arms and shoulders of top celebs and tastemakers and appeared in such international publications as Lucky, People and Seventeen. Her creations have also been featured in such popular events as StyleFixx, the Children’s Hospital Holiday Fair, the Massachusetts Conference for Women, and a recent fundraiser for Project Smile at the swank Revere Hotel in the Theatre District.

A fashion design major at Syracuse University, Lord moved to Atlanta where she launched her first fashion line soon after graduation and then to Los Angeles where she worked in the fabric industry before winding up in New York.

Before going off on her own full time, Lord cut her teeth in the dog-eat-dog fashion industry designing for some of the Big Apple’s most prestigious fashion houses. “After  three years at Liz Claiborne,” Lord recalls, “I was ready for a change and was recruited to design for Ralph Lauren.” While with Mr. Lipschitz’s company, Lord, was in charge of designing items for the Lauren licensee called Wathne Ltd. “This position gave me the confidence to start my own line,” she says.
Since returning to the Boston area, Lord has been overseeing her own fashionable house (the company is now based in Stoneham) in for over a decade and making a name for herself by offering fresh takes on practical style basics and suggesting new ideas in bags and other accessories.

“I had never designed handbags before starting my position at Liz Claiborne,” Lord explains. “This started my love of handbags and I learned to channel my creativity into accessories.”

In addition to finding inspiration from Claiborne and Lauren, Lord is also inspired by such famed bag ladies as Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley. Even so, she suggests, her bags still offer something new.

“I think my handbag collection is unique,” she suggests, noting her “classic” and “feminine” fabrics and her animal- and eco-friendly faux leather trims. “I think my styling and fabric selections set my handbags apart from others,” she says, adding that, “All of the bags have my signature heart logo hanging on them so they are recognizable.”
Something else that sets Lord’s company apart is that, in addition to offering a wide array of bags for various people and purposes, she also offers a t-shirt collection that was launched two years ago and new lines of fashion jewelry and scarves.

“I use…fabrics with beautiful prints,” Lord says, mentioning a vibrant mix of – plaids, dots, stripes, paisleys, florals, and damasks. “I continue to add and change to keep things exciting and fresh.”

From a small homemade collection of totes, satchels, and shoulder bags, Tamara Handbags has grown to an international company that offers over 10 varieties of bag and an ever-expanding line of coordinated accessories. When asked what she has in mind for the future, Lord replies that she will continue to add more jewelry and other options that will help her fashionable fans continue to be at the cutting edge of hot looks. “Women can now purchase a great t-shirt with a matching bag and jewelry as a whole look,” Lord says. “I always enjoy coming up with new handbag designs for women of all lifestyles!”


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